Records Conversion

Keep your old drug testing records when you move to TestChecks

Do you have an old Drug Testing program you want to stop using?

Do you use another program and what to try out TestChecks?

In most cases TestChecks can converts existing Drug Testing software files to our own.  Some of the file types we can convert are .XLS, Microsoft Access, .CVS, and many more. As long as your records are digital TestChecks can usually convert into our system.


TestChecks is now offering Free conversion of your current DRUGPAK account to TestChecks when you signup.
We will convert 10,000 records for free. If you need to convert more then 10,000 records we offer affordable conversion pricing.


All that is required to convert DRUGPAK records to TestChecks is the export file function currently found in your DRUGPAK account. Testchecks takes care of the rest and we test all records once imported to be sure all your information is kept intact, secure and correct.


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