Modern Functionality & Security

The most complete administration software to manage your client tests, reports, and government requirements

Completely Mobile

TestChecks software uses responsive design so no matter what device or computer you're using you can access all the tools and functions

Highly Customizable

TestChecks allows control of key features and data unique to your clients and employees so you have an experience tailored to how you run your business.

Fully Secure

Using best practices and industry SSL standards TestChecks utilizes the highest security available to be sure your clients' information is safe and only accessible by you and your team.

Government Requirements

TestChecks was created using a vetted process so all tests and reports meet government requirements

Key Features

TestChecks has a host of features to help manage all aspects of your drug testing needs. Whether its managing companies and employees, results recording, random selection for DOT and non-DOT lists, creation of personalized drug tests, labs, MROs, panels lists, or something more customized, we've got you covered.

  • Client managed employee lists
  • Client test orders
  • Informational dashboard
  • Random selections and random consortiums
  • Consortium certificates
  • Highly configurable lists and reports
  • Full control of all content and resources
  • Your clients can log on to TestChecks’ secure web portal and view all activity
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  • Key Features
  • No special equipment needed

    Spend less time worrying about computers and software and more time focusing on your clients. TestChecks works on any internet-enabled device or computer.

    • Professional and easy-to-use software developed specifically for drug testing
    • Well documented user manual and video tutorials available.
    • Our intuitive interface works on all devices including iPads and Android devices.
    • No need to install any special software. Just open a browser and go.
    • Accessible anywhere and on any device with internet access
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  • No special equipment needed
  • Client Communication

    TestChecks instant notifications and built-in communication tools allow you to be in constant contact with clients

    • Both staff and clients receive notifications on items completed or needing attention
    • A complete communication process to keep your client up to date on results and urgent issues
    • As the industry changes so does TestChecks. Software updates are free and you don't pay for upgrades
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  • Client Communication
    • Screen Shots

      Testchecks works with any screen size or device type


      The Dashboard is a homepage for TestChecks, it is a convenient way to review and send notifications to clients as ...
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      Results Recording

      One of the most used pages of TestChecks, recording any test result made easy with our simple step by step ...
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      Client List

      Client Profile Area Page is a Client List, alphabetically unless a Client has a notification. TestChecks automatically generates emails to ...
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      Previously Recorded Results

      Results that have been recorded for all Clients are listed. The color code chart helps to visually see each reports ...
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      Test & Lab Admin

      Create your own custom Panel List as well as custom Test criteria that you may require for your client’s fulfillment ...
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      Add Staff

      Staff Admin Page allows you to Add/Edit your staff members’ access to the software. Control the level of access your ...
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      Client Portal (Specialized Client Access)

      TestChecks secure web portal allows your clients to log on and view their Client Info., Recorded Results, Employees, and Random ...
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      Guides & Manuals

      TestChecks includes Guides & Manuals written by the team behind the software. Though the software is intuitive and user friendly ...
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      Specialized Client Access

      You can create protocols unique to each of your clients. Our Random Selection Protocol tool is setup to follow industry ...
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      We can custom code TestChecks to function exactly as you need it to.

      The TestChecks software is built with customization in mind. We realize everyone’s requirements for drug testing are different so the TestChecks team developed a software platform where we can make changes, customize new features and virtually tailor the software to individual needs.


      Since TestChecks is 100% cloud based with no special software or hardware required to use it, our team can implement specific changes that one client may need (that others may not) and update their customized version of TestChecks ‒ often within minutes.  And since TestChecks is backed up nightly and a full development version is always on hand you can be rest assured any changes we make to your version of TestChecks can be rolled back quickly should something not work as you need it to.


      Some of the customization we have completed for our clients: 


      • Additional laboratories
      • Unique client reports
      • Custom formula to calculate a random employee based on department and certain weekly intervals
      • Additional logging reports to show access and work performed
      • Multiple user types to have minimal access to parts of TestChecks
      • Additional employee details such as a sections within a department

      No customization is too small or too large.  Contact the TestChecks development team to see how we can code a version of TestChecks tailored to you.


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      Records Conversion

      Keep your old drug testing records when you move to TestChecks

      Do you have an old Drug Testing program you want to stop using?

      Do you use another program and want to try out TestChecks?

      In most cases TestChecks can converts existing Drug Testing software files to our own.  Some of the file types we can convert are .XLS, Microsoft Access, .CVS, and many more. As long as your records are digital TestChecks can usually convert into our system.



      TestChecks is now offering conversion of your current DRUGPAK account to TestChecks when you signup. We can convert from Drug Pak Web and Drug Pak desktop (old version)

      We will convert up to 5 years of records.  In most cases this is a simple process and the cost is one time $500. Allow for 2 weeks for the conversion.

      We also offer importing tools should you want to import your data your self at no cost.

      All that is required to convert DRUGPAK records to TestChecks is the export file function currently found in your DRUGPAK account. Testchecks takes care of the rest and we test all records once imported to be sure all your information is kept intact, secure and correct.


      Contact Us

      * Please note that import of your records is based on clean exported files from Drugpak or your other system. In some cases based on your version we need additional hours to covert the files and will be quoted extra at that time.

      Pricing Plans

      We have 3 plans to serve any size business. If you require specific customization, TestChecks can meet your needs. We offer a 15% discount if you would like to pre-pay for 1 year. Contact us for more details.

      TestChecks Pro
      $119 /mo
      billed monthly
      Branded to your company
      Manage Up to 5000 employees
      Unlimited companies
      Daily Activity Dashboard
      Random selection module to meet government DOT selection requirements included
      Manage Consortium Certificates
      TestChecks Pro Plus
      $149 /mo
      billed monthly
      Includes All Standard TestChecks Pro features plus...
      Manage Up To 10000 employees
      Unlimited companies
      Clients can order tests
      Manage Collection Locations
      Manage lists and reports
      TestChecks Pro Premium
      $169 /mo
      billed monthly
      Includes all standard TestChecks Pro Plus features plus...
      Manage up to 15000 Employees
      Unlimited Companies
      Manage Alternate Test Types
      Extended training sessions
      Plus many other features

      After using another program for 17 years. I began using Test Checks a year ago. I can now breeze through my work load. I find this program to be intuitive and efficient. Any minor problems have been resolved Quickly!


      Owner, TPA, Wellness Screening llc

      This is a great system. Our clients enjoy the ease of use as well. The TestChecks team is very responsive to all questions and concerns.

      Sarah Rolfe

      Very easy to work with and answers all of our questions! Highly recommend using them and working with Steve!

      Casey Haberman

      Test Checks is working well. I am still inputting all of our client data, but I'm finding it very easy to use! Thank you!


      Owner, Drivers Choice

      The system is user friendly and easy to navigate. I give it a LIKE

      Kim S.


      The team at TestChecks was beyond accommodating and incredibly fast at getting us a custom experience. The program looks great and is completely comprehensive, they have thought of everything!


      Getting ready to run my 2nd Random selection for our clients, and I must say that Meranda and Steve have both been VERY helpful! They are patient and responsive, and listen well to the needs of their users. I appreciate the personal attention I get from this company. THANKS!!

      Barb Stewart

      What an outstanding company to do business with! Steve is very patient and worked with us until we feel proficient in using the software. He also responds quickly when we have any questions. I highly recommend TestChecks. We have been impressed with their customer service thus far. Thank you, Steve!

      Regina Bayla

      Highly recommend using this company! Awesome program and great customer service!

      Health 1st

      We recently converted our drug testing software over to Testchecks and have been nothing but pleased! The software itself is so user friendly and organized.

      Wendi Clark


      TestChecks staff is available any day of the week for a demo presentation and/or to answer any questions you may have.   If you’re looking for a free trial please include that in your selection below

      Address: 3400-A Teays Valley Rd, Hurricane, WV  25526

      Phone: 304-212-7005